8 Ways To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Instead of Throwing A Party

Excited little boy celebrating birthday with family and friends

If you’re like me and have more than one child, or two, then you know it can be pretty difficult to throw a birthday banger for your kids every year.  With all the money spent on various birthday packages or other plans, it can be a lot to do multiple times a year.  Let’s not forget to mention the level of stress that comes with all the planning, and the loss of sanity that comes on the big day with kids running wild everywhere.

While I know plenty of parents who go all out for every birthday, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just not feasible for my family.So when I came across an article that listed different things you can do to celebrate birthdays instead of throwing a huge party, I was all in.  Come to find out, most of the ideas listed, I’ve already been doing.

So here they are:

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Relieve Your Stress By… Coloring!

Adult Coloring Books 1

In 2016, more and more adults are… Coloring!  There are recent scientific studies proving that adults are coloring more to relieve stress and even for social purposes.  USA Today posted an article in December 2015 about the growing trend.

The trend, which is also very popular in Europe, isn’t just picking up a Disney character book at the store.  There have been a growing number of “adult coloring books,” which feature coloring sheets of floral and geometrical designs that give adults a little more complexity.  A number of the adult coloring books consistently hold spots on Amazon’s Top 20 book list and are even being put on display in book stores.

Surprisingly, many employers have brought this stress relieving trend into their offices for their employees to take part in during the day.  I worked in a call center many years ago, and we all know how stressful that type of job can be.  I remember individuals bringing coloring books and crayons and passing them around for us all to share.  I can admit that I did enjoy coloring while taking calls from aggravated customers.  It did seem to relieve some of the stress and it made the day pass by a little quicker, since I was no longer just sitting there bored waiting on the next call to come in.  I would even hang my completed artwork inside my cubicle.  Nowadays, most of my coloring is done with my children and I still enjoy it.

Lacy Mucklow is an art therapist in Washington D.C. who says the coloring craze has become a healthy way for stressed-out multitaskers to tune out the larger world.  She says, “It’s good for us to be quiet and still and focused on just one thing for once.” 

I couldn’t agree with her more!  As an adult, life can be very stressful.  Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, dad or a college student; taking on a creative task, focusing on it and completing it can be very good for the soul.  It makes sense that this trend is taking off.  However, seeing how I’ve been partaking in this activity for years, I wouldn’t call it new.

So what are your thoughts?  Does coloring help relieve your stress?

Check out some of these adult coloring books that can be ordered online:


Adult Coloring Books 1

Adult Coloring Books: A Coloring Book for Adults Featuring Mandalas and Henna Inspired Flowers, Animals, and Paisley Patterns

Adult Coloring Books Animals

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

Creative Haven Owls

Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

*Toya Chanel*

School Sends Letter To Parents Asking Them To Dress Better

Parent Taking Child To Pre School

I already know what you’re thinking… WTH????  Yes, this is a true story!  Fortunately, this didn’t go down in the U.S. of A.  I can’t imagine what that backlash would’ve been.

Kate Chisholm, a UK headteacher at Skerne Park Academy in Darlington, send a letter home to all parents requesting them to “dress appropriately” when bringing their kids to school.  It appears that she was fed up with the lack of effort put into getting dressed (and washed) and thought it wasn’t a good look for the school.

The letter reads:

“I have noticed there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pajamas and, on occasion, even slippers… Could I please ask that when you are escorting your children, you take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions?”

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12 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes Kids Will Love

berry smoothie bowl

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  However, the reason it’s usually skipped is because we’re always rushing in the morning.  Whether it’s getting kids to school, getting to work or both, a quality breakfast is usually put on the back burner.

These 12 quick and easy breakfast recipes can be prepped in advance and are perfect for those mornings when you need something to just grab and go.  What makes these even better is that they’re perfect for the little ones and good for them too.

My favorite are the two step oatmeal cookies.  They’re fun and easy to make, my kids love them (because they’re still cookies), and they’re good for you.  Every time I make them I try a different flavor oatmeal and they get better and better each time.

Check out all the recipes below:

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When Dad Saves The Day…!

Dad Saves the day

There’s an awesome video going around that is a compilation of dads doing what they do best… Saving the day! While it’s usually mommy who is known for having quick reflexes, this video highlights those moments when dad was just as quick.

Check it out below:

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